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posted fri sep 19

Sep 19 democrap vs. republican (?) pic map

Sep 19 re How to sell fake beheadings to imbeciles map

Sep 19 POS says Ebola is a threat to national security but still (won't secure U.S. souther border?) map

Sep 19 Lee Ermey "The Gunny" gets fired for calling (OBAMA a jackwagon ?) map

Sep 19 "Wake Up Call" DVDs Now Available (Granbury)

Sep 19 Those that would sacrifice Freedom (USA)

Sep 19 UnPolitically Correct Texan - Conservative Blog (USA) pic map

Sep 19 does any one know if this is true? map

Sep 19 x2 How to Sell Fake Beheadings To Imbeciles..

posted thu sep 18


Sep 18 re how to sell fake beheadings to imbeciles map

Sep 18 How to Sell Fake Beheadings To Imbeciles.. pic


Sep 18 24 hard facts about 9/11 that cannot be debunked (?) map

posted wed sep 17

Sep 17 will american court's close all mcdonalds (for using GMO ingredients ?) pic map

Sep 17 House Votes To Audit The Fed... And Deregulate Wall Street (Hurray) map

Sep 17 Abbott Refused to throw money at education (Texas)

Sep 17 lets look at all Einsteins acheivements ( the last 6 years) pic map

Sep 17 re, Lee Ermey "The Gunny" gets fired for calling (OBAMA a jackwagon ? map

Sep 17 Dead Dirtbag Michael Brown - Criminal, Thug, High on Drugs (Ferguson) pic map

Sep 17 Just sit down and talk to the terrorist leaders! (Little Boy)

Sep 17 2nd Amendment-Join N.R.A. (usa usa usa usa )

Sep 17 The Debate

Sep 17 re Three rap stars denounce the Sept. 11th lie map

Sep 17 Three US rap stars denounce the September 11th lie

posted tue sep 16

Sep 16 re: muslim brotherhood really "Pigs"

Sep 16 >>> Breaking News "Policy Change"

Sep 16 CHIHUAHUA Female Fawn pure bred Males **********8 weeks** (Rockwall) pic map

posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 People of the United States of America (Texas) pic

Sep 15 Muslim Brotherhood-REALLY? (Everywhere) pic map

posted sun sep 14

Sep 14 Selfi Of The Year ("Lil Bushwacker") pic

posted sat sep 13

Sep 13 Donations- Operation Secure the South (Texas)

Sep 13 wHY SHOULD gop gROOM tHEIR bALLS pic map

posted thu sep 11

Sep 11 re: 9/11 After 13 years

Sep 11 Where is MAD??

Sep 11 9/11 after 13 years map

Sep 11 CamoHeads - 911 Remembrance (Anywhere)

posted mon sep 8

Sep 8 Rosemary-democrap poster girl! (Travis co.)

Sep 8 Innovative Kickstarter documentary to bring World Peace

posted sun sep 7

Sep 7 Ventura got his reputation back! (everywhere)

Sep 7 can't we all just get along? (Middle east)

Sep 7 Sick of ALL the False Flags & False History? (EVERYWHERE)

posted sat sep 6

Sep 6 Little Boy learns from ole George! (Iraq)

posted thu sep 4

Sep 4 North East Gateway toll raod (lavon TX) map

posted tue sep 2

Sep 2 NFL week map

Sep 2 Republican Political Consultants (dallas) pic map

posted mon sep 1

Sep 1 Support Your Local Militia & III% Patriots Defending the Border (Texas Border) pic

Sep 1 Prophesy is coming (King James)

Sep 1 re, re Can't we all just get along (middle east) map

posted sun aug 31

Aug 31 re Can't we all just get along (middle east) map

Aug 31 re, can't we all just get along? (Middle east) map

posted sat aug 30

Aug 30 re, UnPolitically Correct Texan - Conservative Blog (USA) map

posted fri aug 29

Aug 29 Christians are being Beheaded... (DFW) map

posted thu aug 28

Aug 28 what happens to american trash?gods choice map

posted wed aug 27

Aug 27 ★★ Protect Our People!

posted tue aug 26

Aug 26 WWII Reenactors - Dress for a cause! Filming soon in Dallas (Dallas) pic

Aug 26 Activism now. Wake the masses. Prepare to survive. (Dallas) pic

Aug 26 Rick Perry's Smilin' Mug (Dallas) pic

posted sun aug 24

Aug 24 re, burocrates think your stupid (Victimless Crime Constitutes 86% IN map

posted sat aug 23

Aug 23 re:;;;;;;Michael Brown-here is the law

posted fri aug 22

Aug 22 re michael brown map

Aug 22 re:re:re:Michael Brown (TEXAS)

Aug 22 re michael brown map

Aug 22 Michael Brown

posted thu aug 21

Aug 21 Movie Screening - "Alongside Night" map

posted wed aug 20

Aug 20 The Drunk Girl (Rosemary) pic map

Aug 20 Start a SECOND Ethics committee in Dallas map

posted tue aug 19

Aug 19 Michael Brown R.I.P.

posted mon aug 18

Aug 18 GOV. RICK PERRY ????? map

Aug 18 re, Perry Indictment Latest Attempt to Turn Texas Blue ( democrats pl map

Aug 18 re, can't we all just get along? (Middle east) map

Aug 18 The War Against Putin (5 Stars) pic

posted sun aug 17

Aug 17 Cash NOW pic

Aug 17 Preppers! Let's network! (Dallas)

Aug 17 You know what's coming so WHY AREN'T YOU HELPING!!?? (Dallas) pic

posted sat aug 16

Aug 16 Jonathan Gentry Ferguson Missouri (Show Me)

Aug 16 Greenhut: Is it time for California pension reformers to close shop? map

Aug 16 Why they are after Governor Perry (Austin)

Aug 16 Mike was such a good boy!! (Show Me)

posted fri aug 15

Aug 15 Guardian of the Republic (dallas tx) pic map

Aug 15 >>>> Send a Message

Aug 15 proof of Oligarchy in America

posted thu aug 14

Aug 14 The Republican Party has finally admitted what has been fairly obvious map

posted wed aug 13

Aug 13 Please help crowdfund my (everyones) rights (Duncanville)

Aug 13 Guardian of the Republic (dallas tx) pic map

posted tue aug 12

Aug 12 You gettum James George Janos! (USA)

Aug 12 ** EXPOSING of group in WELLS, TX ** (Wells) map

Aug 12 Demo makes a Quick Trip to the convenience store (Everywhere)

Aug 12 How Jews Justify Gaza Genocide (Gaza)

posted sat aug 9

Aug 9 re, Christians are being Beheaded... (DFW)

posted fri aug 8

Aug 8 "the project" tonight?/ new story? or not?? (dallas)

posted thu aug 7

Aug 7 Very sad news you didn't hear on Fox or CNN (Border area)

Aug 7 The Illusion of Obama's success

Aug 7 Satan At The Wailing Wall (Dallas)

posted wed aug 6

Aug 6 Can The Jews Stop Putin? (Dallas)

Aug 6 The Real Battle For Ukraine (Dallas)

Aug 6 Obama's Billion Dollar Cold War Begins (United States)

Aug 6 Has America Ceased To Exist? (Dallas)

Aug 6 drug dealers, users, rights (anywhere) map

Aug 6 Acer Laptop Power Cord (Dallas/Ft Worth)

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