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This guy has herpes [xundo]

Texas Employers Want to pay the LOWEST Wage REGARDLESS OF YOUR WORTH [xundo]

If Texas is so great why is it ranked LOWEST for UPWARD MOBILITY? [xundo]

Yankees and west coasters (In the country) [xundo]

Solutions pic [xundo]

RE:Losers (Not flagging) [xundo]

re re ass clowns (dallas) [xundo]

RE:Ass clowns bitching about texas (somewhere in tx) [xundo]

Re:Assclown [xundo]

RE: Assclowns Bitchin About Texas [xundo]

Re:Assclowns Bitchin about Texas (Wylie) [xundo]

Re:Re: Assclowns Bitching About Texas (Dallas, TX) [xundo]

Even the Media Points Out The Fact Texas Wages Are Very Low. (So why attack these people?) [xundo]

re liquor laws (dallas) [xundo]

Assclowns Bitchin About Texas (DFW) [xundo]

RE:Jobs in Texas [xundo]

What is it like in Prison? (Dallas) pic [xundo]

Re:re,re,re:Moved To TX w/ degree (TX4Dummies) [xundo]

re re moved to texas with degree (dallas) [xundo]

Wanna See How RACIST Dallas is.. Pick up a Copy of D Magazine (The Hottest Dallas Housing Market Edition) [xundo]

Texas is America's Version of 'China'. [xundo]

Yes We'll FUCK YOU. Yes We'll HIRE YOU. But We "HATE YOU"? HUNH? [xundo]

RE:RE: Moved To TX w/ degree & offered $12/ hour.Alabama offered $65K [xundo]

Dallas, TX Side By Side Wage Comparison With Washington, DC (NO COMPARISON AT ALL. DC WINS.) pic [xundo]

Texas to the unbiased eye. [xundo]

RE:Taser An Asshole [xundo]

Moved To TX with degree and offered $12 an hour. Alabama offered $65K [xundo]

REPLY TO: Democrat turned Republicunt turned Democrat (Dallas, Texas) [xundo]

Re: Real christians pic [xundo]

Re:Tax cheats and home sales (Dallas) [xundo]

Christians should elect Donald Trump to office (President trump) pic [xundo]

Congratulations C&J (Dallas) pic [xundo]

RE:Sick Irony: Shouting 'Black Lives Matter' in Planned Parenthood Shi [xundo]

Quotes that make sense of it all..... (Middleearth) [xundo]

is she screwing you to? (dallas) [xundo]

Re:re: Question for fellow AA.......... (Dallas) [xundo]

Re: Question for fellow spooks............. (Dallas) [xundo]

Losing Money (Addison) [xundo]

Re: I want to be spoiled pic [xundo]

Re: I've been in texas seven years.... pic [xundo]

Ive Lived In Texas For Seven Years And Only Spent $500 In The Economy (Dallas, TX) [xundo]

Thought for the day... (Dallas) [xundo]

Dead Fetus on The Wall [xundo]

Hello Racists everywhere (Doesn't matter) [xundo]

Ladies (DFW) [xundo]

Flash Mob Organizers pic [xundo]