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35 Work so hard 35 (texoma)

rere smart voters...health care

420 Illegal Poker Tonight 13624 Nuetron Farmers Branch 420 (Monday & Thursdays)

55 re:Don't like being confronted huh? (Plano) 55

RE-Smart Voters

62 Stop illegal amnesty. 62

58 12/13/14 Will Be Your Last Lucky Day Ever 58 pic

58 12/13/14 Rainbow 58 pic

44 Ahhh It's Thursday - a beautiful day 44 (The real dee eff dubya) pic

Edited- Don't like being confronted huh? (Plano)

Beggars corner

To the Library Bully (Parker University)

Taxation: The foundation of modern society

Re: Re: taxation=slavery (dfw)

27 Re: Re: Re: Womens liberation movement 27 (dfw)

31 RE: TAXATION=Slavery (dfw) = NUMBNUTTED STUPIDITY 31 (Ninja by Trade)

TAXATION=Slavery (dfw) pic

TONY COLE IS LYING (dallas tx)

We love jenny mccarthy (the view)

62 RAVES @ Cafe Brazil, 62 (Richardson)

re: need help with pissed off sisters and sisters in laws

Re: re No Rant just complicated - 45 (dee effe dubya) (dee eff dubya)

RE: Women's Liberation Movement

re mean people

Thug Brown

Re: No Rant Or Rave - Just Complicated me (news flash...) (Ninja by Tr

Happy Veterans Day

Re: No Rant Or Rave - Just Complicated me (news flash...) (Ninja by Trade)

Are you just bored or what? pic

Women's Liberation movement

Re: No R&R Just Complicated

RE:Mean People

44 No Rant Or Rave - Just Complicated me 44 (Dee eff dubya) pic

38 Underground Gambling Farmers Branch 38 (farmers branch carroltton)

I met that KOT Vet Order person

Re: Rant .... MEAN People (???) (Ninja by Trade)

32 RANT on lack of neighbors leaving windows open for me to spy on them.. 32 (Clouded Brilliance)

100,000,000 people could have a college degree for the cost of the war (Iraq and Afghanistan)

47 RE: Yes I Would 47 (Irving)

47 RE: Leaving Things Out in the Yard 47 (Dallas)

25 Re: What is a Calorie 25 (Denton Texas) pic


Texas Musician on the verge (Austin, Dallas, Houston)

44 RE: Harry Bosch has too many cats 44 (Dee Eff Dubya)

The welfare state is a myth pic

Ironic (seago)

You don't deserve a husband pic

The reason women are single/unhappy (Everywhere) pic

re:this is a test - 99 (dallas) (up your ass)

RE: Calorie

re tax amnesty for corporations

Republicans expected to call for another tax amnesty for corporations

re calorie


Republican shills gearing up to do their master's bidding (More speculative trading? Yes please)

i miss you so much (oak cliff)

a calorie

RE: as if conservs will do better?

Freeway driving (east dallas)

If I say anything critical of the Dems, I get flagged. (d)

111 gimme a friggin break 111 (dallas fort worth)

as if conservatives will do any better (dallas)

Politicians bought, plain and simple

re3 bring food under the bridge

Arm our Texas State Guardsmen (Dallas)

Demacunts (DFW) pic

Actually A Democrat Sweep (duncanville)

The truth always comes out.

bucket list wishes (read 4 more)

I voted Dem often now I'm going to pay out my ass (All of Texas Gods Real Country) pic

PeeWee Herman and everything else under the big top (DFW) pic

T J here (DFW)

RE: Vets (dfw)

32 RE: RE: Tom J...... (DFW) - LAME 32 (Ninja by Trade)


RE:RE: Tom J.................. (DFW)

RE: Tom J...... (DFW)

right wingers who think they are rich

gay marriage come to a conservative household near you (dallas)


Butthurt Republicans (dallas)

50 RE: charting husband 50 (TX)

Jeff SS

re wendy davis; answering the question

A little about the K.O.T. Order of Veterans ( )

Coming Soon To A Town Near You! (Dallas) pic

Is this Black Mold in my neighbors shower? (Dallas, TX) pic

Toll Roads

RE: Wendy Davis and the right to choose (dallas) pic

re wendy davis lesser of two evils

Rerere:Wendy Davis and the right to choose


rere wendy davis and the right to choose

39 No God, eh? Then tell me something 39

Re:Wendy Davis


Liberals Are Mentally Ill (east dallas)

conservatives are retarted

Vote Republican

30 WTF DID YOU DO CRAIGSLIST??? 30 (Everywhere)

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