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31 Little ex wife rant-They don't change. 31

re: men who defend hookers can't fuck real women (DFW) pic

55 NYPD assassinations 55 pic

58 Jose Esquivel ashes 58 (fort worth) pic

Find yourself without ruining my life! (Reality)

I just got back

61 I am Truth REMEMBER 61 (dfw) pic

TeeGee What The Hell.. (Beach & 1709)


55 re: Am I the Alien or You? 55 pic

ReRe: Why try

DO YOU KNOW THIS GUY? (Instant Classic)

50 Why try? 50 (everywhere)

53 craigslist awareness 53 (Dallas- ft worth)

61 I am TRUTTH - Re hes 36 shes 20 61 (dfw)

I am TRUTH - thanks MARIO (dfw)

61 I am TRUTH - whats real 61 (DFW) pic

re: moving to ft worth

Moving to Fort Worth and would like advice and opinions. (North)

real beauty uh huh (dallas) pic

Its that time of the year (DFW)

48 Liars 48 (Mansfield) pic

47 Arlington Christkindl Market 47 (arlington tx)

55 re: Eric Garner 55 (Weatherford) pic

What the

My Hero

100 unbelievable 100 (DFW) pic

re: - BULL SHIT - TOO STUPID - 32 pic

I did a test (DFW)

61 I am Truth ( Re you sure make it easy 61 (DFW)

You sure make it easy

Cops are the pussys (Ft Worth)

61 I am TRUTH - REMEMBER? 61 (DFW) pic

61 I am TRUTH 61 (DFW) pic

61 I am TRUTH 61 (DFW) pic

re Ninja (Texas)

People may not like this but ((ninja by trade))

rere: Does this shirt make me look gay

29 Common Law 29

re: Put Michael Brown's step-father in jail!

60 I am TRUTH (Re al sharpton) 60 (texas) pic

48 RE: When using the lone star card (Westover hills) 48 pic


60 I am TRUTH the difference 60 (Texas) pic

The Human Condition (FTW)

60 I am TRUTH 60 (Texas)

dumbfeks: U.S. Military Please Stop Killing

U.S. Military Please Stop Killing ISIS (Stop the killings) pic

Keller ChickFila

rere Wilson Murdered Brown pic

28 Free haircut at Toni&Guy! 28 pic

Re: some think you have it so bad (southlake)

55 re: Some of you think that you have it so badly 55 (weatherford)

RE You are all sheep

what is with..

Meth in whitesettlement

Its a great day

RE Why exs are freinds

31 why ex's as friends? 31 (tarrant county)

college degree

Re College is for dummys (Texas)

College is for dummys (Everywhere)

When using the lone star card (Westover hills)

Tired of this shit

Re mexican paving company

If a race war happens (east dallas)


Unhappily married but NOT looking pic

RE: Re..Re:Amnesty..... (liberalville tx)

49 re: tool size 49 (c 2shining c) pic

Johnathan Gruber is right about one thing

I dont understand (Redneck heaven)

Need help with sister and sisters in law

55 the cost of the war (Iraq and Afghanistan) 55 pic

Ottawa Shooting is a HOAX pic

Have you seen my dog (fort worth) pic

Re as if conservatives (Instant Classic )


You get what you pay for (FtWorth)

55 Obama to send reinforcements to Syria 55 (weatherford) pic

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