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Isn't it strange map [xundo]

re-Riddle # 2 [xundo]

Univision Reporter [xundo]

re-Senseless Killings [xundo]

Oh, to be a Craigslist Liberal [xundo]

re-Bullshit [xundo]

re-Ted Cruz [xundo]

re-Jindal [xundo]

re-GOP Fox Debate [xundo]

re-You Will Just Lose Your Job [xundo]

Justice for Wilbert Gay, Jr. (wco > Waco) map [xundo]

People Are Tired Of this GOP Bullshit map [xundo]

Jindal-Here's A Better Idea--STFU map [xundo]

Anybody else hear this Ben Carson quote? LOL (dal > Dallas) [xundo]

Senseless Killings-NRA-GOP map [xundo]

re: Treason? Impeachment? Never. Here's why (dal > Dallas) map [xundo]

You Won't Die-You Will Just Lose Your Job map [xundo]

re, TRUE TREASON (TEXAS) pic map [xundo]

TRUE TREASON II (dal > Lost In Space) map [xundo]

None Of This Came Up In Fox Debate map [xundo]

Fox Clown Parade map [xundo]

TRUE TREASON (dal > TEXAS) [xundo]

It's OK (wco > Waco) map [xundo]

Look what Obama's EPA did! (wco > Defend that, if you can, libs!) map [xundo]

Hillary [xundo]

Oh, those loveable libs (wco > going after one other) map [xundo]

Ted Cruz?? [xundo]

It Just Keeps Getting Better map [xundo]

Liberal Insanity [xundo]

Ted Cruz's Joke About Gun Control map [xundo]

Ted Cruz to Sign Up For OBAMACARE map [xundo]

Ted Cruz's Intolerance map [xundo]

6 of Ted Cruz's Most Extreme Views map [xundo]

Poor Ted Cruz map [xundo]


IT Worker Replaced by Foreign National Regrets Voting for Obama (wco > TOO BAD MORE PEOPLE AREN'T AS REGRETFUL) map [xundo]

RNC Endorses Discriminatin map [xundo]

The Marxist Left's Newest Tactic map [xundo]

Gopper/Snauser(No ReHoming Fee) (dal > Pecker Nosed Snauser) map [xundo]

Stay Classy Trump map [xundo]

10 Facts Gop Tries To Hide map [xundo]

Trump is Nuts-Seriously map [xundo]

Trump? GOP Blame Yourselves map [xundo]

Coker spaniel (dal > dallas) pic [xundo]

"Dallas for Bernie Sanders" gets organized!!! (dal > Klyde Warren Park) pic map [xundo]

It is possible map [xundo]

11 Truths (wco > FOR LYING LIBS) map [xundo]

11 Things About the State of America Under Obama map [xundo]

Is It Possible ? map [xundo]

Republican Hypocrisy? map [xundo]

Univision Reporter and GOP's pet clown-Trump [xundo]

Donald--PLEEEEZ Run As An Independent map [xundo]

OOPS-Ben Carson Did Fetal Tissue Research map [xundo]

Ben Carson and His Idiocy map [xundo]

Riddle # 2 map [xundo]


Re:Evil Whites Brad.... (dal > SarcasTex) [xundo]

Seriously Trump is Fucking Nuts map [xundo]

Top 10 Reasons I'll Vote Democrat (wco > BECAUSE I'M A LIBERAL) [xundo]

Energy crisis - Go Solar - $0 out of pocket (dal > DFW) pic map [xundo]

^^^ Short term office for your political campaign ^^^ (dal > uptown) pic map [xundo]

Jeb Bush called them Anchor Babies. (dal > USA) [xundo]

Trump & His 9 Billion map [xundo]

Jeb Bush-Iraq War Was A "Good Deal" map [xundo]

Got Something to say put it on a t shirt (dal > Dallas) map [xundo]

Re: Anchor Baby map [xundo]

Stay Classy Donald map [xundo]

BYE HUCKABEE map [xundo]

re-Damn map [xundo]

Justice for Wilbert Gay, Jr. (dal > Dallas) map [xundo]

GOP-Really-This Is aAll You Got? map [xundo]

RNC Endorses... map [xundo]

I'm an Anchor Baby map [xundo]

A Riddle map [xundo]

so mexicans taking your job pic [xundo]

evil whites map [xundo]

Re: RE EVIL WHITES Re:Brad Miller map [xundo]

This could start WW3 (dal > Any where) [xundo]

RE EVIL WHITES Re:Brad Miller (SarcasTex) (dal > TEXAS) [xundo]

OH That Lovable GOP map [xundo]

Where are the liberal activists on this? (wco > Nowhere) [xundo]

Evil whites, Native Americans, and Mexicans....oh my pic [xundo]

Another Jeb Gaffe map [xundo]

Women Take Notice map [xundo]

Where's the liberal outrage on this? [xundo]

Illegal immigrant charged with killing 3 Fla. people (wco > And he's not from Mexico!) [xundo]

PURPLE COW Restaurant - Looking For Menus, Signs, Stuffed Cow, Hats (dal > Dallas) pic map [xundo]

RepubliCANNOTS Playing Soldiers map [xundo]

This Is What Right Wingers Want map [xundo]

Fort Worth (dal > Fort Worth) [xundo]

Trunp On Hannity map [xundo]

~CORA :Strong,Stocky Girl With Gorgeous Coloring~ (dal > Ft.Worth,Tx.) pic [xundo]

PURPLE COW Restaurant - Looking For Menus, Stuffed Cows, Signs, Hats pic map [xundo]

Think this over (wco > Especially for you liberals) [xundo]

PURPLE COW Restaurant - Looking for old menus, signs, stuffed cow, hat (dal > Dallas) pic [xundo]

Tan dog and black and brown puppy (dal > Bedford) pic [xundo]

Community Garage Sale! (dal > Mesquite) pic map [xundo]

Why are liberals so unpleasant to be around? (wco > BESIDES THE FACT THEY'RE LIBS) [xundo]

The 25 DUMBEST LIBERAL Quotes Of The Last Decade (wco > LOVE THOSE DUMB LIBS) [xundo]

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