Slime/Drawing/Paintings/custom sewing/proofreading/writing - $3 (Dallas)

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Hello! I love to do arts and crafts etc..basically anything art related so I decided to make my own sorta virtual art business. All products will be delivered/virtually delivered depending on product. Physical products require small shipping fee. No refunds.

Slime - small $4/medium $6 each+ shipping w/ texture of your choice (regular, fluffy, crunchy, snow), scent (extra fee), glitter (optional) charm(s) (extra fee if extra specific) and color. All slimes will come in strong container with protection from cracking and extra activator.

Drawing - $3 one size or 5$ mini with animal/plant/flower/object of your choice + shipping. At the moment I don't do people as it's not my specialty. Most of the drawings aren't meant to be serious but if requested I will make sure it's good quality and not humorous.

Painting - $5 eighter one size or mini with animal/plant/flower/object of your choice, not doing people. Good paint and general quality.

Custom sewing : Felt bears 8$ (one size and theme of your choice of any felt or cloth). Mini pillows 4$ (made from soft material+fluff). Large pillows 6$ (made from soft material+fluff). Custom t-shirts (white tee only) with text/symbols only of your choice (no controversial topics). Custom made bags $10 (these bags are specially designed to hold only light stuff but is comfortable over your back (fleece or cloth theme of your choice). Custom made pouch $10 (can hold as much as any other pouch could; cloth theme of your choice).

Proofreading - $8 eighter professional or unprofessional. I've always loves writing and personally made my own writing projects. Guaranteed great advice on making sure your writing is best.

Custom written letter - $6 I can do birthday cards/love letter/any other theme letter. I'm very good at writing and can provide an emotional, wordly-special letter of any kind.

Oragami - $4 - Just let me know which specific one and I'll see if I can do it. I can lettering too if you want

Video Editing - $7 - need help for a yotube video or just personally? Im pretty good when it comes to editing ,as long as you provide clips, idea of theme/music/voice-over I can do it

All of these are non ai included. No ai will be involved in anyway. All is man-made. Feel free to ask any questions.

Payment by Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal, Chime, or even bitcoin.

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