King of the Hill - In Real Life! Acting/Production Open (HEB)

Most Texans are familiar with, or often fans of, the animated series "King of the Hill." The creator of the series, Mike Judge, lived in Denton and based the look and characters of the series on Denton and North Texas.

I'm a voice over artist. The idea here is to produce a "real life" version with people from the same area. If this were to work out, an alley with the look of the show has already been located, as well as other details.

This will have to be "just for fun" in front of a camera in order to even get off the ground. It can be done, with the right look and feel, it could work commercially in a youtube series filmed and edited professionally. This part is also already taken care of.

You need to be able to have fun while acting like in character, be loose, and look at episodes of KOTH to refresh yourself. Respond by email only to describe who you'd be, and if you have your look together, send a picture. Hank Hill is spoken for. We need Jeff Boomhauer, Bill Dauterive, and Dale Gribble. This is where we'll start.

Just make sure you only do if you really love KOTH and you find doing a character fun, like really fun. Plan on having fun doing this. It will be work, but the fun has to come first. You will be in a lineup with the others to learn interaction and repartee, particularly the "Yep..." So, there is it.

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