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NOTICE: I am a roofing contractor who does video conversion on the side from my home. Please contact me if you have any questions about video conversion or your roof. Thank you. (972) 207-5766

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Basically, it is $10 per tape for conversion to digital MP4 video, up to 2 hours. It is $15 per tape for conversion to DVD, but can be less. Other fees listed below. Please message if you have any questions or would like to setup a drop off time. :)

Videotape Conversion Fees
+Videotape conversion to MP4 is $10 per tape (tapes over 2 hours are another $10 every 2 hours)
+Rewinding is $1 per tape
+Check a tape for video $2 per tape
+Custom labeling is $1 per tape
+Repairs are $5 per tape
+Internet upload is $5 per upload (all files included up to 30 GB's per upload)
+Youtube upload is $5 per video

DVD Conversion Fees
+DVD video disc conversion is $5 per disc, regardless of how many videos are on it (up to about 3 hours of video) or a dual layer disc for $10 (up to about 6 hours of video)
+Lifetime archival DVD's are $5 extra (up to 3 hours of video)
+Extra copies of DVD's are $2.50

--Rush Jobs are double charged if applicable.--

My name is Troy and I work from home, so you can contact me any time by email, text or phone call with any questions you may have. I answer all conversion messages, so please use a different method if you don't hear back from me (Craigslist email relay is not always reliable). Text is my preferred method of contact, but please leave a message if you call and be sure to mention video transfer in all messages...thank you.


VIDEO TAPE formats I can convert: VHS, VHS Compact, Super VHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV. (NTSC only)

For $10 each tape, your tape will be converted to a digital .MP4 video file. The video files will be numbered and the video tapes will be labeled with the corresponding number. The video files can be copied to an external drive at no extra charge. External drives can be hard drives, thumb drives or sd cards and I can provide cheap thumb drives. For an extra charge your video files can be uploaded to you over the internet, copied to a data dvd and/or converted to a playable DVD. The DVD video disc conversion is a second process, costs $5-10 per DVD and can include multiple videos on each DVD, see below.

Film conversion to MP4 video costs about 10 cents a foot and there is a minimum charge of $10 per reel.
(MPEG-4 1080P 20fps AVC digital video file)

3 inch $10 (50ft)
4 inch $20 (100ft)
5 inch $40 (200ft)
6 inch $60 (300ft)
7 inch $80 (400ft)
(charged for actual footage length, prices above are for reference)

+The videos are automatically labeled with a number, custom labeling is $2 per video.
+DVD conversion of transferred film videos - $5 per DVD (includes multiple videos and can hold about 3 hours per DVD)
+Breaks, splices and bad reels - $5 per repair
+Conversion of the frames per second from 20 to 15 FPS - $2 per film (not commonly used)
+vReveal3 video processing can help really bad looking video - $2 per film (not commonly used)
+If you have film with audio, then I suggest getting it transferred somewhere that can do it properly. I can still transfer just the video if you like.

All rush jobs are double price (if you need it asap and/or if there are jobs in front of you)

A 2 hour VHS tape will take about 3 hours to convert to .MP4 video. A 2 hour VHS tape converted to a DVD video will take about 5 hours.

If you have a lot of videos and aren't sure if you need DVD's, then I suggest the MP4 option first. That way you can watch the videos first and then decide later if you would like some or all of them converted to DVD. I then use the mp4 videos to make the DVD's at only $5 more per DVD. If any of this sounds confusing then please text, email or call and I will be glad to answer any of your questions. There are no hidden fees or double charges.

Don't pay outrageous prices for converting your home videos to digital. I was going to have my sister's home video collection transferred to DVD for Christmas and I was shocked to see that it cost $25 just to convert one VHS tape to DVD. Even after searching for cheaper prices, Costco still wanted $18 for up to two tapes on 1 DVD. I work on computers as a hobby and knew that I already had everything needed to do all of the video conversion myself. I transferred all of her home movies, over 50 tapes, to computer .MP4 files and realized that she didn't even need the actual DVD's. We just transferred everything to her home computer and she can watch them anytime without having to keep track of a DVD collection. That encoding service alone cost $35 an hour which could have cost me up to $2000 at my local video transfer store and is faster to do than converting a video to a DVD. If you are considering converting your home video collection to digital then please contact me first, or even better, call me after you get a quote from your local retail video transfer store. I have converted hundred's of videos for family, friends and here on Craigslist without one complaint.

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