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What if the Fantastic Four gained vampire powers? (PLANO)

Just for the fun of it, I'm writing a synopsis in which the Fantastic Four battled Victor Von Doom (now Victor van Damme in my story) after he used the Darkhold grimoire to become a vampire. He attacked Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm, and Johnny Storm after the four friends took the maiden voyage of the Fantasti-Car, which is a circular hovercraft in my story.

Victor tried to make the flying vehicle crash into the Baxter Building by using his weather-control powers. But Ben used his strength to steer the Fantasti-Car into a safer position. So while the hovercraft still crashed, the damage was not that intensive. However, the four friends and Victor were exposed to the Fantasti-Car's anti-gravity forces, and Reed, Ben, Sue, and Johnny gained vampire powers that were barely similar to those of Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, the Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch on Earth-616.

The supernatural Fantastic Four defeated and killed Victor. However, the villain's mother, Madame Cynthia, and her sister, Agatha Harkness, now have possession of the Darkhold. They decide to test the pseudo-vampires' courage by transforming their friends, enemies, and associates into super-villains and monsters. The witches cast a spell that turned Harvey Rupert Elder not into the Mole Man, but into the Monster Man.

Elder was a professor at the Empire State University, but his small and homely appearance made him the butt of the faculty and students' jokes. Ben Grimm made a nasty comment while they were in the cafeteria, and Elder not only gave him a concussion by hitting his head with a walking stiff, but the teacher also stabbed the athlete's leg with the broken portion of his cane. The university's football team lost the games for the rest of the season since Ben was laid up. And while Elder did avoid being convicted for attacking Ben (thanks to Petunia Grimm's testimony that Ben was always a brute), he was forced to seek refuge at Monster Island.

Now as the Monster Man, Elder can summon his demonoids from another dimension. He has them capture the Fantastic Four in the Baxter Building. Then the older man says that Ben could never have compassion for the homely since he was always handsome. Monster Man also states that the hero was lucky that he did not turn into a monstrous thing when he gained his vampire powers. And to really twist the knife in Ben's back, Elder will let him live. But Monster Man's demonoids will take Sue, Reed, and Johnny back into their dimension forever. And since Earthlings cannot survive for very long in that eerie realm, well . . .

If you wish to know how I'm going to turn the Fantastic Four's other super-villains into monsters created by the Darkhold Book of Sins, please let me know.
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