Newspaper delivery Wednesday mornings 2 am $75 ((Garland / East Dallas))

Big Town Blvd near Samuel

(google map)

compensation: $75 per route, if you finish early, done, but it takes up to 5 hours. Contract work.

Newspaper delivery Wednesday mornings 2 am to 7 am

Accuracy - delivering to the correct houses- is very important.

The work is folding the papers into plastic bags (provided free) and throwing them out of your car window onto the yards of houses. The deliveries remain 99% the same each week.
You must have good email and texting through a working, charged, reliable cell phone.
Immediate replies during delivery time is required.

Delivery accuracy to the correct addresses is very important as well as dependability.
Just as important: don't deliver to a wrong address.

If you want a vacation / day off within the first four months, or if you need to take off major holidays, this would not be a good match. On the other hand, I have carriers who have been with me for more than twenty years.
We do not have a "back up squad". You have to throw your route or I give it to someone else.

Have your own reliable vehicle and a back up vehicle. Have a valid drivers license and insurance.

Compensation is by check or Pay Pal. $75 flat rate. Route takes 5 hours (or less). First few days take longer because you don't know the route as well and will be slower folding the papers. If you finish early, you are done and get paid the full amount.

You have a set number of papers to deliver and you are done when you finish.

You must be accurate, meaning, you must throw the papers to the correct addresses.

You are an independent contractor, no taxes are deducted from your compensation.

Please copy and paste and reply to these questions:

1. What kind of vehicle do you have and the year? (Example, "4 door Impala, 2011")

2. What kind of vehicle is your back-up vehicle? (must have a back up vehicle)

3. Do you own both vehicles? (some have a relative's vehicle on call if needed)

4. In what city do you live?

5. To help me match the best delivery area for you, what is a major intersection near your home? (Do not give an exact address, just give two major streets that intersect nearby and the name of the city.)

6. Do you have a reliable cell phone that can make and receive e-mails and texts?

7. Are you good at keeping your cell phone charged and replying during the delivery time? (I expect a reply within 10 to 20 minutes during delivery time.)

8. Do you have any experience in newspaper delivery (which company?)
Note: Experience is *not* required.

9. How long would you like to keep the route if you like it? (until the end of the semester or indefinitely?)

10. Do you have proof of insurance in your name? (do not include in your email.)

11. Have you ever won a game of tennis or ping pong? Can you bounce a basketball? Can you catch and throw a tennis ball?

12. Do you have another job or school or any other obligation in the mornings after you finish your route? If yes, what time do you need to be finished with your route so that you can attend to your other responsibilities?

First day test route is a 30 minute delivery.

Please reply to:

David Ashley

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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