Plantiff Seeking Attorney for Class Action Suite aganst California (Euless)

John Doe

compensation: Pro Bono Attorney Funded
employment type: employee's choice
job title: Interstate Commerice & Taxation Attorney

I am seeking a Law Firm with ambition to originate and file a multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuit and injunction against the Great State of California for unlawful interference with Interstate Commence.
And possible racketeering and extortion enhancements.

Venue in Dallas Texas is established by our history of purchasing vehicles at Auctions in Dallas Texas and other states and cities as well. Upon purchase of vehicle in interstate commerce with prior Title issuance in California we being unfairly taxed by California in the form of Past due DMV registration fees and penalty's that can amount to Thousands of dollars per Vehicle after we transport those vehicles back to California for resale in interstate commerce.
Cause of Action
In California the license plates are assigned to and charged to a specific vehicle rather than to its owner in the way all other states do to issue DMV plates.

So, if a specific vehicle (non-human vehicle) does not pay its own license tag fees on time then it can accrue late fees and penalty’s in California. Penalty and late fees as well as prior year registration can accrue for up to 3 years if not paid.
Now vehicle can pay its license tag fees because that is a burden of the owners.
Within California that burden skips to new owners based on the proactive behavior of the prior owner to pay registration on a car they know they are turning in or giving up.

It is very difficult or impossible to waive late fees or penalties without extraordinary steps such as. Re-title recording in a different state or even likely Fraudulent behavior taught and promoted by the State of California.

California republican buys a new $100,000 vehicle (such has Hybrid, RV, or Electric car )while living In California and subsequently moves to Texas due to financial and political reason. That person lives with that vehicle in Texas and gets Texas License plates. Then after having lived in TX for several years that consumer trades in that vehicle to buy a truck from a Texas car dealership. The Texas dealer pays of the outstanding loan and receives a California Title. The TX dealer then brings the still expensive vehicle (such has Hybrid, RV, or Electric car ) to an Auction such as Manheim Dallas or Adesa, A California dealer buys truck loads of that popular in California vehicle and has them trucked back to California. When the DMV Fees are estimated for a New California customer it is discovered that over $4000 in past due California fees and penalty are due.
From The California Buyers Perspective:
The Vehicle that a California buyer purchasing already had California license plates and stickers assigned based on the date the original owner purchased this Vehicle.

More Details to explain.

“if’ The DMV registration has already expired at time of purchase

and no "Specific State Issued" Evidence that Valid Non-California registration is provided

and the vehicle has a California issued Title

then all late fees, Prior year Registration, and Penalty become due to California DMV in order to register that car in California again to a new owner
Common amounts of late fees and penalty are typically collected per vehicle are between $700-$6500 per vehicle.
This same practice that is used against interstate commerce is also use in regular in-California vehicle transactions. The estimates amount of dollars collected is roughly estimated at 15 billion.

Victims (class Action plaintiffs)

Any person or business worldwide that has had to pay to the California DMV late Fees, Penalty’s, or prior year registration other than the existing owner on record. In order to obtain valid California License plates or stickers upon purchase of a vehicle.

Legal precedent
California previously charged a $300 smog impact fee to any vehicle that did not previously have California complaint emission system as built by its manufacturer. This was previously won in court and the State of California was ordered to refund over $50 million in $300 fees as unconstitutional.

If you are an actual attorney or official of the state of Texas or other state then you may contact us for additional details.
We are both as an individual and a business seeking to become plaintiff in this action.

This would need to be a Pro-bono case seeking all attorney fees to be assess by the court against the defendant State of California. If this Cause of Action were successful it could make or break a firm. This type of case could be resolved quickly or may take decades.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

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