** AP Honors Chemistry summer prep class (10+ yrs exp, 85% pass rate) (University Park)

** AP Honors Chemistry summer prep class (10+ yrs exp, 85% pass rate) 1 thumbnail** AP Honors Chemistry summer prep class (10+ yrs exp, 85% pass rate) 2 thumbnail
AP and Honors Chemistry summer class via Zoom (June/July 2024)

Get ready for the school year & gain a competitive advantage!

-You'll be working with a veteran/seasoned teacher of 10+ years (that's about 15,000+ hours of actual teaching in the classroom)
-Trained by College Board (the company that writes and grades the AP exam)
-Part of a network of professionals that have experience writing and grading the AP exam)
-Exclusive focus and specialization in chemistry (don't split time with other topics)

Each session will include a brief lecture/overview of the topic, practice problems that we do together, AP styled multiple choice questions (MCQ) and free response questions (FRQ), breakdown of how to earn ALL points in an FRQ and extra practice problems with answer keys. You will also receive exclusive access to files throughout the year to help you prepare for the AP exam in May 2025.

Browse through my site to get to know me, read testimonials and check out the free resources. I will be doing a "meet and greet" through Zoom in early June. Fill out the Google Form on my page and I'll send you the link and other updates pertaining to the summer class.

Summer Programs: https://www.apexchemistrytutoring.com/summer2024
Testimonials: https://www.apexchemistrytutoring.com/testimonials

Pre-AP Topics:
1. Review: Nomenclature, stoichiometry & limiting & excess reactants
2. Combustion analysis, mass spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy & periodic trends I
3. Periodic trends II , simple & advanced lewis structures, VSEPR, hybridization, resonance & formal charge
4. Intermolecular forces, gas laws, chromatography & net ionic equations
5. Titration, pH table & strong vs weak acids
6. Kinetics, rate law, integrated rate law, mechanisms & reaction profiles
7. Specific heat, heat curve, phase diagram, bond enthalpy & Hess' Law
8. Equilibrium, Le Chatelier’s Principle & Q vs K
9. Titration curve graphs, equivalence point & pKa vs pH
10. Gibbs free energy, common AP labs to know, tips for answering FRQ, test strategies, & tips from AP graders/exam writers

Pre-Honors Topics
1. Chemistry foundations: dimensional analysis, density (virtual lab), accuracy vs precision, classifying substances & common lab practice/safety
2. How to read the periodic table, proton/electron/neutron counting in atoms/isotopes/ions, average atomic mass, Bohr model drawings
3. Electron configuration, periodic trends, how to answer FRQ's in Honors Chemistry
4. Types of bonds, lewis structure drawings, resonance, ionic naming/formula writing
5. Covalent naming/formula writing, types of reactions, balancing equations, writing reactions
6. Conversions with moles/grams/molecules, empirical & molecular formulas
7. Stochiometry, limiting & excess reactant
8. Gas laws, Graham's law, reading and deciphering gas law graphs
9. Thermochemistry, specific & latent heat, phase diagram, heat curve problems, Hess' Law
10. Molarity calculations, net ionic equations, pH/pOH calculations

Message me for more details or questions you may have today!

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