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QSC, Crown, Peavey amplifier, yamaha speaker (garland)

colonel near broadway

(google map)

NOTE: It might be better to text me your email address as the craigslist relay doesn't work that well with my listings and you might get a 'deleted' message.

If you see the ad, then then gear is still here.

Got more equipment than I need and its been sitting a while and better someone else should have it. I'll let you know the condition on each piece of gear, and all of it works so you don't need to ask me that question.

QSC RMX 2450 rated 450w continuous into 8 ohms and a lot more if you drop the ohms as low as 2 ohms or bridge the thing. Stereo amp. This is the ugly one. Has some hum in it. I am not going to fix it. With the program input up you don't hear the hum, but its there when there is no signal. So bargain priced at $125.

QSC RMX 2450 - same as the above but the non ugly one. SOLD!!!

Crown PSA-2XH - vintage industrial weighs a ton amp. 300W per channel with tons of head room. I use one to power 2 sets of sub woofers for my digital virtual pipe organ and it has been working for 15 years straight with never a problem and it will shake the house. I had this as a backup. I won't need it. I think you could weld with it. It also weighs probably 70 or 80 lbs. I bought both from an audio tech who'd gone through them both so works like day one. $150

Peavey PV 500 - vintage amp - probably a switching power supply as it doesn't weigh that much. 250 watts per channel and can handle 2 ohm loads. Stereo amp. No issues. High speed fan is a bit on the noisy side when it kicks on. $125

Symetrix 420 near field amplifier - 20w per channel or 40w bridged. Designed for unpowered studio monitors or a bunch of headphones, reference speakers, or paging speakers, I had it for talk back on the stage along withe next amp in the rack. Works fine sounds good. $40 This is the thin blue one in the pictures and it has an interesting feature where the knobs can be linked together as one volume control.

Samson servo 120 amplifier - 60w per channel into 4 ohms. Again good as a talk back or small venue amp. Good sound. Has 1/4 inch or rca inputs. $40 Doesn't have rack ears.

Blamp single channel EQ box - 1/4 balance and unbalanced input/output. Good for bumping up a singer or whatever. Small and light. 10 bands and overall gain plus in/out switch. gain is nice because you can match the in/out levels to program. $10

Also shown is a heavy duty amp/small rack box - 4 slots. $30 8" tall 19" standard rack. Has covers on both ends to protect your knobs/gear.


Pair of Harbringer 12 inch woofer with a really bright tweeter in each box. SOLD

Pair of Sunn AX110 that have been updated with matching 12" pa speakers and they have piezo tweeters. SOLD

Below the Sunn cabinets are a couple of banger turds that have some 12" pa speakers in them and with a lot of EQ they are almost tolerable. I was going to stick something decent in them and never got to it. $20 for the pair. Ok for voice announcements. But remember $20 does not buy perfection. Upgrade to some coaxial 12s and they'd be fine. Tough cases.


Finally below the first set of amps is a yamaha 12" woofer cabinet with horn tweeter - like an SV12 or something like that. Works fine - best of the lot - but I only have one. $75. Always good to have spares for your stuff.

Map in the ad is the end of my street - I am just a few blocks away.

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