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Unsure of how I can convey what I want exactly. I have a vision of something, organic. Ever-growing, changeing. My inspiration? First the never ending playlist of music in my head that I've yet to ever hear out loud. Although; I've been trying to since I can remember. Though, i do find some similarities, at least in idea, to other music as I've tried to find more and more inspiration for how to make it reality. But, all thing must have roots to grow, but I don't want it to be whatever it starts as, but grow beyond it, to something that exists only in our minds. My voice is my voice. As far as hand played instruments, i am master of none, but try to learn how to manipulate anything I can get my hands on. I own a guitar and have the most longtime hands on with that, but still can't quite make all the sounds I want with that, and what I know it's capable of. I have some major inspirations, but in reality thats only what I'd say at the moment, because the list is really innumerable. But none are quite it or even relatable to the sound at other times. Sometimes, I know how i want the vocals to sound but have no words, so I make them up for later interpretation . Much of the time that is the case, since before I knew much of instruments I attempted, and still do, to produce the instrumental sounds in my head aloud as well. At the moment the sound is in a smooth groove, fluctuating from rythym and blues, to slower Tool and anywhere in between. Emphasis on the tool at the moment, since while listening, i thought to type this. Even just a jam buddy nearby would be cool for the moment. But hoping for more. A collaborator, someone who might get what I'm saying, maybe has the same vision, who can even expand upon it exponentially. I don't know how ridiculous this post might sound, but maybe not to someone who understands. I want to literally move the world. I wanna make the wind blow, make the trees shake. I wanna make the earth quake. I wanna make the energy in the universe tremble and move at a whim. To dance to the sounds that make me. I wanna make it rain, and bring a storm that blows people away. We should play an unwritten story, with the potential to alter reality, now, or eventually. A tech guy with at least some equipment would be really cool as well as thats one thing I know little to nothing about due to lack of hands on experience, and think that might require more knowledge than learning how to make instruments make the sounds you want them to, and would love to learn more about it myself, especially due to the nature of some of my vision. I might sound insane as it is not altogether planned. But, I do not really care. Nothing great ever really was. It doesn't matter who we are, only who we become.
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