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Los Angeles Band looking for singer

Los Angeles based band is looking for a singer.

The quick rundown (yes this the quick version) is this. My bandmate and I have been in a number of bands together and have toured the country multiple times over. We have booked tours entirely on our own (which is basically a full-time job that most people can’t pull off) we have gone through a booking agent (also borderline impossible to find), have tagged along on tours opening for larger acts, built (and still have) a tour bus, released multiple albums, had rotation on FM radio, worked with a top legit producer with millions of album sales to his credit, had songs placed in a movie and video game and put in stupid amounts of time, energy and resources that has more or less amounted to jack shit as we have basically thrown our lives away for this.

I say this not seeking pity, but rather for the fact that the guy/girl it resonates with is the type of person we are looking for.

Within all the failures (self defined failure = not reaching personal goals of being a household name) there was actually a lot gained. One thing we pride ourselves on is the ability to learn and grow every step of the way, which we accomplished and is no easy task. For all you thinking you learn too, BS! Sorry, but I’d be kind saying 1 in 4 of you has this ability as most musicians have no clue.

One of the things we’ve learned is a band won’t get anywhere without the right singer. We had a really good singer, better than most, but at the end of the day there wasn’t enough juice in the tank to take us over the top and after years of work the band finally split.

The question then for me was, “Do I have it in me to go through it all again?” After some well needed time off I decompressed enough to give it another go, but where to start? How could I find a singer better than my last guy? It seemed like an impossible task but I started searching and 10 months in there was not a single person I heard that was better. Then, just when you think it’s not in the cards… BAM a miracle hits and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Found a guy who has the voice of voices and in fact if he was on The Voice could damn well win The Voice! HOLY SHIT!!! So we talked, met and started working together and over the next several months finished 5 tracks and had enough to go back to our producer and show him what we had. (Our producer is also our mentor who not only showed us how to become better songwriters and helped us grow as musicians and as a touring band, but he also possesses the keys to the kingdom. He is quite selective and doesn’t turn the key often, but when he does it carries weight. For instance, he would not turn it for our previous band.) Anyway, he heard our new material and flipped out and wanted to work with us for free and show it around. THIS WAS THE OPPORTUNITY WE’D WORKED SO HARD FOR AND WE WERE FINALLY GETTING A SHOT!

One thing I will never understand is these stories you hear about people being afraid of success or self sabotage, etc and it never made any sense to me. I can tell you now that living though it first hand it makes even less sense to me than before. There is no rhyme or reason for what happened, but singer guy didn’t want to do it and walked away.

The question now becomes how many times can a guy get kicked in the nuts and still keep going? Maybe I need that Tootsie Pop owl to start pecking my balls to find out.

We are to the point now where we may just take the band a different direction and sing the shit ourselves and fuck dealing with all these busters. I see how many “bands” are 2 and 3 pieces these days and I get it, why bother? That said it’s not what we want, but what we’re looking for seems nearly impossible to find since the great singers who are driven and see the larger picture have already made something of themselves. Singers are always in demand and the only thing that gets in the way of a true talent is the singer him or herself. The ones that have the voice and enough sense to navigate the waters aren’t usually poking around craigslist. If they are, 99x out of 100 they either don’t have the talent or the drive or they self-sabotage.

All that said, it cost nothing to put out an ad on Craigslist so I thought I would give it a shot.

What were looking for:

#1 A singer with a great voice. Not an ok or good voice, but great voice. Top tier shit, like where every time you sing people tell you how great you are. People other than your friends or your mom. Like when you play people are blown away and where you know it deep down inside. I’ve played shitty shows in my day with crappy bands and after the show people say, “Good show man,” but I know it sucked. Don’t kid yourself.

#2 Someone who lives or has no problem moving to LA.

#3 Someone who either has a lot of money and can self-sustain or someone who has no money, a wife, two kids, a crappy job, but makes no excuses and can tour and does the work. None of this, “Well I have to live you know, I have bills to pay?” Really, you have bills to pay? Wow I’ve never heard of that, that’s weird. NO SHIT! We all have bills to pay and we all have to live, but you want to do this full time right? SMH. It sucks and today most musicians have money, we don’t, but that’s great if you do and in fact I really hope you do, but it’s not a requirement by any means.

So where can you hear our songs? We talked it over and unfortunately we don’t want to put them up here and I know I know, that’s super lame. Every time I look for a singer or bandmate if they don’t have a link I instantly pass. The only thing I can say is that I’ve never seen an ad like this where someone doesn’t post a link, if they did I may reconsider.

We were going for a Kings of Leon, Muse, Lana Del Ray thing and our singer was closer to (Caleb from KOL) but we don’t necessarily need that. We are adaptable and write good songs that would allow you to shine.

If you fit the 3 criteria above send a link of your singing + some info and we’ll get back to you if it seems promising.

Whoot Whoot
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