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9035 Garland Rd.

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This is our last order for our holiday sales this month!

Atlantic pygmy angel
Snowflake moray eel
Vlamingi tang
Red tail trigger
Porcupine puffer
Coral beauty angel
Flame angel
Flameback angel
Lemon peel angel
Singapore angel
Six bar angel
Royal gramma
Lawnmower blenny
Orange spot blenny
Auriga butterfly
Black ice ocellaris
Green chromis
Yellowtail damsel
Green mandarin goby
Red mandarin goby
Panther grouper
Dwarf lion
Volitan lion
Blue spot puffer
Dogface puffer
Valentini puffer
Blue hippo tang
Naso tang
Powder blue tang
Sailfin tang
Yellow tang
Bluejaw trigger
Harlequin tusk
Melanurus wrasse
Red coris wrasse
Six line wrasse
Cleaner wrasse
Yellow coris wrasse

Bubble anemone
Blue leg hermit crab
Sea hare
Cleaner shrimp
Fire shrimp
Pistol shrimp
Nassarius snail
Tiger conch
Tiger turbo snail
Emerald crab
Mexican turbo snail

Monti cap
Birds nest
Utter chaos
Candy cane


This is our last fish order for our big holiday sale!

Glass catfish
Green corydoras
Panda corydoras
Pygmy corydoras
Sterbai corydoras
Green Moscow guppies
Gold white cloud minnows
Longfin serpae tetras
Red cherry shrimp
Amano shrimp
Orange sunkist shrimp
Electric blue ram
Electric balloon ram
Clown loach
Santa claus platy
Roseline shark
Bala shark
Veil tail betta, female
Veil tail betta, male
Black orchid betta, male
Halfmoon betta, male
Halfmoon betta, female
Blue gourami
Cobalt blue dwarf gourami
Powder blue dwarf gourami
Opaline gourami
Pearl gourami
Pink kissing gourami
Pygmy gourami
Albino tiger barb
Green tiger barb
Tiger barb
Veiltail cherry barb
Black kuhlii loach
Dojo loach
Striped Raphael catfish
Albino gibbiceps pleco
Bristlenose pleco
Albino longfin bristlenose pleco
Common pleco
Columbian spotted pleco
Gold synodontis nigrita
German blue ram
Gold ram
Green severum
Gold severum
Celestial pearl danio
Zebra danio
Peacock gudgeon
Green lantern platy
Redtail dalmatian platy
Neon blue wag platy
Blue variegated guppy
Gold cobra delta guppy
Yellow micariffe guppy
Gold wrestling halfbeak
Black lyretail molly
Dalmatian lyretail molly
Gold dust lyretail molly
Silver lyretail molly
Balloon mollies
Leopard ctenopoma
Scarlet badis
Dwarf BB puffers
Threadfin rainbow
Black het rasbora
Chinese algae eater
Bala shark
Redtail shark
Black neon tetra
Black phantom tetra
Bloodfin tetra
Cardinal tetra
Ember tetra
Emperor tetra
Neon tetra
Penguin tetra
Red and blue columbian tetra
Rummynose tetra
White skirt tetra
Green neon tetra
Silver hatchet
African dwarf frog
Thai micro spider crab
Yellow shrimp
Black carbon shrimp

Tropheus duboisi
Electric blue jack Dempsey
Yellow lab
Electric blue johanni
Taiwan reef hap
Redtop labeotropheus trewavasae cichlid
Black widow frontosa
Peacock bass
Pike cichlid Colombia

Silver arowana
Tiger darnold
Tiger shovelnose
Clown knife
Ripsaw catfish
Snowflake moray
Tiretrack eel
Dragon goby
Black ghost knife
Figure 8 puffer
Leopard puffer

Black moore

Monte carlo pot

Needing aquarium maintenance, installation or consultation?

The Aquarium Boutique Team is a ten year established, experienced, friendly, helpful, insured and store backed aquarium maintenance and installation business. Our amiable service technicians are background checked and professionally trained through a multi-step apprenticeship program. Our staff is experienced in a wide array of aquarium setups and aquascape techniques, including: saltwater reef, saltwater FOWLR, planted freshwater, discus, Lake Victoria cichlids, Lake Tanganyika cichlids, neotropical cichlids, fancy goldfish and freshwater communities. We pride ourselves in our quality of service, attention to detail and a high degree of personal care. Our convenient local store front allows our clients to come into our shop to pick out their fish and equipment. Quality customer service is available at our store front with regular daily store hours. Aquarium maintenance and installation services are available to Dallas, downtown, White Rock Lake, Oaklawn, Mesquite, Rockwall, Forney, Sunnyvale, Oak Cliff, Richardson, Lake Highlands and surrounding areas. Our service team has been proudly servicing the Dallas area for over 10 years. Please call or stop by the shop for a free estimate, it’s our pleasure to create the fish tank of your dreams.

9035 Garland Rd.
Dallas, TX 75218
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