kids dune buggy - $200 (seagoville)

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condition: good
I payed $700 bucks for this ride 2 years old! Comes with charger one of the Motors is making a clicking noise needs replaced! you can find replacement Motors for 30 on amazon! I don't feel like doing the labor!! Call or text Jeff for more info show contact info
here is the description below!

Robust Build: The 2 Seats Kids XXL Edition 4X4 Dune Buggy is meticulously crafted with top-tier materials, ensuring unparalleled durability.

The heavy-duty frame can withstand the rigors of off-road exploration, promising endless hours of playtime fun.

Powerful 24V Battery Pack: The inclusion of a powerful 24V battery pack not only extends play sessions but also ensures a sustained and exhilarating exploratory experience.

The enhanced battery capacity allows for longer adventures, making it perfect for young, aspiring off-road enthusiasts.

EVA Rubber Wheels: Equipped with EVA rubber wheels, this Dune Buggy delivers exceptional traction and noise cancellation on any surface.

The rugged tires ensure a comfortable ride, even on challenging terrains, providing an authentic off-road experience.

Shock-Absorbing Suspension: The advanced shock-absorbing suspension system enhances overall performance, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable ride.

This feature absorbs shocks and bumps, making the Dune Buggy suitable for various terrains.

Safety Features:
Keeping Kids Safe During Playtime
Seat Belts: Safety is paramount at KingToys, the Dune Buggy includes seat belts to securely fasten your child during their thrilling adventures, ensuring their safety while maintaining the excitement.

Parental Remote Control: Parents can take control with the remote steering feature, offering an extra layer of safety, the remote control allows parents to guide the Dune Buggy, preventing potential accidents and ensuring peace of mind.

Emergency Stop Button: The Dune Buggy is equipped with an emergency stop button on the remote control, in case of imminent danger, parents can instantly halt the vehicle, prioritizing the safety of their little adventurers.

ASTM Safety Standards: Rest easy knowing that this Dune Buggy meets the highest ASTM safety standards, making it a reliable and secure choice for outdoor play.

Entertainment And Comfort
Luxury Interiors: The Dune Buggy boasts a VIP experience with its upgraded 2-seater adjustable leather bench, the comfortable seating accommodates young drivers and their friends, ensuring a luxurious ride.

Intuitive Dashboard Controls: The dashboard features intuitive controls, including a push-button start, providing young riders with a realistic and immersive off-road exploration experience.

LED Lights: Enjoy thrilling night-time adventures with high-quality LED lights, the headlights and taillights not only enhance the realistic design but also contribute to safety during evening play.

Multimedia Features: While MP3 input is not available, the Dune Buggy compensates with SD card input, USB input, and Bluetooth connectivity, these upgraded features offer various ways for young adventurers to enjoy music on the go.

Remote Control Capability:
For Parents’ Peace of Mind
Parental Remote Control: Parents can actively participate in the fun by taking charge of speed and direction through the Forward/Reverse/Left/Right options on the remote control, this feature ensures the child's safety and adds an extra layer of comfort for parents, making outdoor playtime a delightful experience for everyone.

User Experience
Ride Quality and Comfort: The four-wheel suspension system and oversized wheels ensure an exhilarating and comfortable ride, the soft start feature guarantees gentle acceleration, providing a seamless riding experience, whether navigating a grassy backyard or a rocky trail, this Dune Buggy promises an unforgettable adventure for young explorers.

Embrace outdoor adventures and create lasting memories with the 2 Seats Kids XXL Edition 4X4 Dune Buggy, exclusively available at KingToys. The combination of power-packed performance, safety enhancements, and luxurious features makes this Dune Buggy the ultimate choice for young thrill-seekers.

Parental Control Remote Yes Backward Forward Left Right
Pedal Control Yes Kids Control The Car By Foot Pedal
Seats 2 Seater Adjustable
Seat Belt Yes
Seat Material Leather
Wheels/Tires Material Eva Rubber
Voltage per Battery 24V Battery Pack/Upgraded 2x12v9amp connected in series
Number of Batteries 2
Battery Charger Yes
Battery Charging time 8-12 Hours
Operation Time per Charge 50-90 min Depends On Mode And User Weight
Motors UPGRADED: 4 x 24v Motors
Speed 3-5 MPH Depending On The Weight of The User
Speed Options 3 by RC
Weight Limit 130 lbs
Recommended Ages 2 Kids 2-6 Years or 1 Kid 2-8 Years
Suspensions Yes
Doors Side Opening Doors
Drivable Terrain Grass, Road
Movement Backward Forward Left Right

LED Lights


MP3/AUX Input


USB Input


SD Card Input


Bluetooth Input




Horn & engine sounds


Build in Music


Vehicle Dimensions

55 * 36 * 29 in

Package Dimensions

54 * 33 * 15 in

Vehicle Weight

74 lbs

Package Weight

87 lbs


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