Purchased Gift Cards That Were Already Activated (Anywhere)

I had the unpleasant experience of buying 2 $50 gift cards a couple days ago (Steam Cards) that had already been used prior to me scratching off the hidden numbers on the back. I complained to Game Stop which is where I bought them and they said they were valid cards and were activated properly. They suggested I contact Valve (the company that puts out the Steam card). I did but their website is useless and their support is non existent. I opened 3 tickets trying to get help and they quickly closed them without providing ANY help.

I did some investigations on the web and see this is a big problem and a lot of people are having the same issue as I just had. Thieves can steal from sealed cards that appear to be properly packaged up and you get no recourse from either the place you buy it from or the manufacturer of the card.

Anybody out there have this same problem? Please send me some general info about your experience (when did you buy the card(s), card values, what efforts did you make to resolve the situation, what responses did you get - if any, were you successful, do you still have the original cards and correspondence?). I am curious if it is as widespread as I think it is and if there are enough people affected, I might visit an attorney to see if legal action is possible or my congressional representative to see if legislation can be enacted to protect the end consumer from purchasing worthless gift cards.

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