French-made Leblanc "Noblet" alto sax (Vito Model 38) Great value! - $1,100 (Wedgewood (South FW))

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Leblanc/Beaugnier
model name / number: Noblet (Vito Model 38)
This pro-level instrument is a contender for best bang-for-buck saxophone on the market. Here's some background on them, which helps to explain why you can get them for such a reasonable price.

The Leblanc "Vito" branded saxophones have an interesting history. They started out as French saxophones made by the Beaugnier company, established in Mantes-la-Ville in France, the same town in which Selmer was located and with many of the same workers.

Leblanc was very unsophisticated (that's putting it mildly) in their marketing strategies. For example, they sold the same instrument under different names. A couple of these names were "Vito" and "Noblet." You would expect instruments with different names to be different, but with these Leblanc-marketed horns, that's often not the case.

This horn, for example, is branded "Noblet", but it is almost identical to the Vito Model 38, a professional-grade instrument that you see in the attached ad, which shows an image of the Model 38 tenor. Beaugnier manufactured a Model 35 with special keywork for the great Johnny Hodges, who previously had played Buescher instruments. The only material difference I can find between the two is in the shape of the body-to-bell brace, which is mostly straight on the Model 38.

Beaugnier was one of the great French saxophone makers. Later, Leblanc switched production of the Vito first to Yanagisawa, then to Yamaha, because the costs of production at Beaugnier were too high. The saxes made by the Japanese manufacturers were solid student instruments, but the craftsmanship on the French-made saxes is far superior. On picture 1142, you see the mark "Made in France." That's what you want to see when you look for one of these saxes.

This "Noblet" branded instrument plays like a house afire. It plays effortlessly, has a ton of core and focus to the sound, superb intonation, exceptionally easy altissimo, and very comfortable, Selmer-style ergonomics.

This horn is gig-ready and needs no work at all. Body is in great shape as you can see, pads are in great shape, setup is excellent. The only cosmetic issue is on one side of the neck, where a ding was ironed out, but that's all. No pulldown on the neck; it plays perfectly.

You can't get a better horn for the price. Local pickup in Fort Worth, TX.

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$1100 (Marked down from $1395!)

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