$2,500 / 3br - Swap Rent for Mortgage and OWN huge 3/2/2 w/o Credit DP Bank Loan SSN (mid cities 820 and Beach)

3BR / 2Ba
rent period: monthly
What do you think? Do you get anything tangible when you pay thousands of dollars in rent? NO
Want to change that, so that you hard earned money will work for you? YES

Alternative is to use the same money you now waste on rent and use it to PAYOFF the house you live in, then this happens

Home prices Double every 7 years, rents follow that so RENTS DOUBLE every 10 years, here is what it look like on timeline
Home PRICE in 2010 was = $90K, 2017 = $180K, 2024 that's NOW = $360,000 2030 = $720,000 2038 = 1.44 MIL 2045 = $2.88 MIL
In short, If you OWN, it is entirely possible for you to pay it off completely, and retire in 15 years as a millionaire, numbers don't lie

FYI, this does not require fixing you credit, getting a bank loan, signing up for any programs, fees, none of the BS
All it takes is you make very good money and you are a saver to be able to afford the monthly payment comfortably


You can keep doing what you are doing, where rents keep going up, faster than what you make, and you will regret your choice
RENT in 2004=$625 2014 = $1250, 2024 that's NOW = $2500 2034 = $5,000, 2044 = $10,000, 2054 = Guess?

ONLY if you intelligent, and you want transform your life you can call 817 655 371two, I'm REAL, LOCAL, here everyday 8-8 to help you

I have multiple properties and I can customize a solution based on where you are starting and what you bring to table, I also offer barter

FSBO owner finance seller carry rent to own lease buy direct dueno a dueno no social itin Section 8 housing voucher 76016 76118 76148 76123 76179

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