Ross Model RE-050 Radios - $40 (Arlington)

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: Ross
model name / number: RE-050
size / dimensions: 12x3.5x2.5
Antique portable 5 watt radio transceivers / walkie talkie

Ross Model RE-050 Radios
Date of Manufacture Oct, 1968 in Japan

Yep, they require an amateur license. Remembering what radios were like, these seem like the top end of consumer electronics at the time. These radios were someone's favorite toy.

I found these at an estate sale and are a bit older tech than what I was looking for. Someone interested specifically in this vintage device would probably get more than I would from them. Really, the size and weight of them are why I have no use for them, so I am passing them on.

The construction is excellent. Clearly these are from a time when the solid feel was the mark of quality. They are more solid than an actual brick. They are cast metal except for the back which is steel. For scale, the base to the top of the retracted antenna is 12 inches. They weigh 4 pounds each with 8 AA batteries - included.

There are ports on the side for PA, external mic., external speaker and external power. The controls are power on / Volume, squelch, 6 channel selector and Push To Talk / PTT button.

Of the pair, one is in perfect condition. The other has a bent antenna and does not fully retract or extend. Retracted it stands out 3" longer than the other and extends 3 inches shorter than the other's, but it still seems to work. The unbent one extends to 53 inches from the base of the radio. They both power on. The crystals are all in the 11 Meter \ 27Mhz range. I am not sure what the specific frequencies or bandwidth the channels are. Channel spacing is probably pretty wide. Observe in one of the photos there are 5 crystal pairs. I suppose one channel is missing its crystals. So from a glass half full, or perhaps 5/6 full perspective you could get two pairs of crystals that suits your needs without the notion of spoiling an antique.

They come with black covers and carrying straps.

They do not meet my needs or interests, but I'd like to pass them on to an antique radio enthusiast for the fair price of $40.

I might trade for other modest radio gear like the Baofeng you have grown out of or that Amazon SDR you never figured out.

Corresponding via Craigslist email is probably best. I do not always respond quickly, but usually within a day.

Thank You

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