Stokke Xplory v2 orange stroller - $60 (Carrollton)

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brand new these strollers are $600-$1200 depending on accessories
this one cost $800 new, it is V2 (version 2) of the Stokke Xplory (original scooter, not the compact scoot)

this is an AMAZING stroller. I absolutely love it. It makes my heart a little sad, to have to sell it. it's so easy to push, so easy to navigate, and you can raise the seat and push it up to a table -no dirty restaurant high chair needed! I always used this as our high chair at all restaurants, it was so amazing!

also, when you go to the zoo or to any place, the child can set up higher to be able to see things, and not be looking from down below or be blocked by a zoo fence, etc.

since I'm only posting pics (and no video) you will want to research this stroller to be able to see all the full functions, and how to use it , but here's some of what it can do:

every light grey button means click or push that to move a part...
-the seat can face forward or back
-the whole seat seat can slide up and down
-the handle stem can slide up or down (for different height of people pushing)
-the handle itself can tilt at different angles
-the back wheels can unhook and swing forward (for folding)

* mine does not have the canopy (I still have the canopy but the bar broke, so if you can fix it, great! I will give you the canopy so you can fix it yourself or know the replacement parts

This looked like a good place to read about V2 and see videos - you'll have to type the URL yourself
strollberry dot com/ strollers/ stokke-xplory-v2/
(You will need to type in this url by yourself)

See the stock photos. I will update when I get mine out and take photos

I thoroughly cleaned the seat pad. There is an ink stain from a liquid ball point pen. This can be mostly removed using rubbing alcohol and dabbing.

The baby insert is brand new, never used. Of course for this insert the seat should be in the reverse position and laying down.

Also included is a brand new mosquito net. Also a brand new clear rain cover. You will need to fix the canopy to utilize these two parts. Or, you can probably use them on another stroller with a canopy.

The thing on the bottom is a storage bag. It has a drawstring to close up and a handle to carry, you can just unsnap it from the bottom to use this way. Underneath the bag is a solid platform. Sometimes my kid would stand on this spot to ride 😆 although I’m sure it is NOT intended for this purpose

Overall a truly amazing stroller. You’ll get so much use out of it and your kids will love it.

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