Conrad Johnson Premier 14 - $2,400 (Allen)

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exchange near 121
condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Conrad Johnson
model name / number: Conrad Johnson Premier 14
size / dimensions: 19x3.75x15.25
Conrad Johnson Premier 14, Line-Stage/Phono Stage Tube Preamp With Remote Control

Up for sale is my High-end Audiophile Enthusiast Tube Preamp with Remote Control from Conrad Johnson.
Needless to say it is one of the best with the signature CJ tube sound.
It is in excellent working condition and has been recently tuned/serviced by professional.
I mate it with a Bryston 4BST and a pair Maggie 1.6qr. The sound stage is amazing.
I hate and need to let it go due to downsizing and spousal factors.

Specs and owners-manual
More from Conrad Johnson:
The Premier Fourteen was the first preamp in the conrad-johnson Premier product line to offer remote control.
The Premier Fourteen introduced conrad-johnson┬╣s innovative volume control employing a micro-processor to select combinations from an array of metal-foil resistors. This produces a stepped attenuator with 100 steps in approximately .7 dB increments. By controlling the two channels independently, balance can also be adjusted in 0.7 dB steps. Only the highest quality resistors are introduced into the signal path by the level control, resulting in a noticeable improvement in sound quality.

The audio circuit of the Premier Fourteen consists of a single triode amplifier direct coupled to a triode cathode follower. The low output impedance of the cathode follower permits the use of the Premier Fourteen even installations with long, highly capacitive amplifier interconnect cables without attenuation of the high frequency information and without softening transients. A zero feedback circuit ensures temporal accuracy and spatial detail.

The premier Fourteen was selected by many audiophiles and major magazine reviewers for their own personal use due to its superlative handling of musical transients, its dynamic range, and its very wide frequency response. This is the ultimate complement for any piece of high-end audiophile equipment.


Local pick up meet in person cash only.
Location: Alma and 121, Allen.

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