Schiit Audio LYR + Headphone and Pre Amp - $250 (Carrollton)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Schiit Audio
model name / number: LYR
size / dimensions: Size: 9 x 6 x 2”
Schiit Audio LYR headphone and preamp in excellent shape with original packaging. Also, I have 3 addition tubes that are included.

Manufacturer description below.

Want a super-high-end, super-powerful, tube hybrid headphone amp and preamp—but also want the comfort of a pure solid state design? Then Lyr+ is for you! It’s the only headamp in the world that goes seamlessly from tube to solid state, using our exclusive Fusion Architecture™.

I Can Live…With or Without Tube
Don’t want to use a tube? Then don’t plug one in. Lyr+ switches seamlessly to its internal solid state gain stage, based on exotic depletion-mode MOSFETs. Want tube gain? Then plug in any 6SN7-type tube, and Lyr+ switches over to 100% tube voltage gain with the MOSFETs completely out of the picture. That’s the magic of Fusion Architecture.

Technological Tour De Force
Lyr+ is our first compact headamp that gives you relay ladder volume control, for ultimate transparency and perfect channel matching, from the lowest to highest volumes. Coupled with a powerful Continuity™ bipolar output stage, full DC coupling throughout, separate regulated high-voltage and low-voltage supplies, the convenience of remote control (in case you want to use it, say, off the desktop), and microprocessor oversight, Lyr+ is a small marvel.

Power and Safety in One
Lyr+ delivers up to 6W RMS per channel through the standard ¼” headphone jack, so there’s no need for balanced headphones to take advantage of all that power. But, at the same time, advanced oversight ensures Lyr+ is safe for every headphone. DC, overcurrent, and tube sensing means this is a fully modern tube amp.

The Heart of a Complete, Compact System
Add Bifrost 2 or Modius for digital duties, and a Vidar or Aegir as a speaker amp, and Lyr+ is the heart of a full system, ready for headphones, speakers, and both analog and digital sources. You can even turn off Lyr+’s preamp outs, if you just want to listen to headphones.

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