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I started my career as an attorney thirty years ago. I have been exclusively doing tax settlement/negotiation since 2013. I currently practice as an IRS Enrolled Agent and have clients in 45 states. Our success rates with Settlements remains in the upper 90% range. On average we have settled for 1.7 cents on the dollar. If you meet the criteria and work with a reputable company, you can make your IRS nightmare go away. I personally do all client intake to make sure we deliver what you are told. I provide a FREE Consultation for people who are serious about resolving their tax problem.

We have never received anything except a 5-start rating on BBB and have been active with BBB since 12/7/2016. We can provide testimonials and past clients for you if you like. We don’t buy reviews or pay companies who pretend to ‘rate’ the best tax settlement firms.

Here are some of the players in this industry:
Opt*** Tax Relief 671 complaints (1896 reviews) 35% complaints/negative reviews
Anth** Tax Relief 80 complaints (183 reviews) 43% complaints/negative reviews
Comm**** Tax 81 complaints (224 reviews) 36% complaints/negative reviews
Tax Defense ******* 194 complaints (866 reviews) 22% complaints/negative reviews

Recent Case Settlements:
Aram M. Owed $14,900 Settled $1800
Alexander K. Owed $40,673 Settled $1932
Michelle V. Owed $46,769 Settled $200
Chris M. Owed $48,496 Settled $1884
David B. Owed $14,803 Settled $900
Mike M. Owed $159,525 Settled $1,100
Gerald J. Owed $214,698 Settled $400
Ron R. Owed $21,803 Settled $100
Antoine W. Owed $20,557 Settled $4,214
Mark J. Owed $59,680 Settled $100
Roderick B. Owed $458,800 Settled $6,697

CALL US at 866-999-2889 for a FREE CONSULTATION

-Only CPA’s, Attorneys, or Enrolled Agents work our Cases
-We Prepare Tax Returns Past & Current
-We Settle Payroll Tax Issues & work with businesses
-Power of Attorney in ALL 50 States
-Payment Plans Available

CALL US at 866-999-2889 for a FREE CONSULTATION

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