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If you look at the majority of postings in this section, in addition to the shock most of it comes from the same Trump Deranged individual, you’re treated to the same contemptuous (the Left knows better) attitude: Trump Evil. Trump supporters Stupid. Democrats will save the Country.

I call your attention to these, especially ridiculous posts: Two types of posters in the politics section; How did it really happen? Trump being Your president; Trump makes a fool out of himself, his followers, and our country.

I keep wondering what this board would be like if this one person, this one deranged person, suddenly disconnected from his Leftist dream-scape and joined us all in the daily experience of the real world.

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• - May 15 Trump using illegal immigrants for years in his properties. (Dallas)
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• - May 15 Illegal immigrants still coming in even with existing barrier in place (Dallas)
• - May 15 Trump makes a fool out of himself, his followers, and our country (Dallas)
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• - May 13 Trump promises lower prices on prescription drugs "opps" (Dallas)
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