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Legacy near Alma

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Welcome to Cornerstone Enterprises!
You are now in contact with the highest quality Husband and Wife team duplicating customers designs exactly the way the customer pictures it and more!

From custom built bench seats for showers to mosaic niches with granite shelves and edges. From custom built mud pans, moving drain if necessary! Custom built curbs and Pony walls! From installing the drain, the pan liner, sand topping, and whatever type of tile for shower floor, we have had good luck with Floor & Decor! From porcelain to ceramic tiles have been most popular!

For those of you who are new to upgrading the value of your new or older home, we are here to walk you through the steps!

Step one: Call for a free home inspection of the bath or kitchen designs of your dream kitchen or bath.
Step two: Our team will listen to your ideas, and if you have pictures of what you would like, we will work with you to help make your dreams come true!
Step three: We will give you an estimate of the work to bring your dreams to reality.
Step four: Secure your time in our schedule with a security deposit. The security deposit locks you into the queue.
Step five: We arrive at designated time at your home to begin work. This is what you can expect: technicians will arrive and prep the work area. Customer participation in this is always welcome, for input for anything you wish to be protected. We will provide the tape, paper and tarps to protect the work site. Customer needs to keep in mind, who needs to take away the trash? We can remove it for a nominal fee. Or, you can save money to make arrangements to haul it away with your city.
Step six: All drain and shower or bath escutcheons will be removed. Any other plumbing or electrical needs will also be addressed.
Step seven: Cut out existing drywall and tile and remove outside. We can remove cast iron tubs as well. Clean up and analyze where we are at, and secure supplies and materials that are necessary to create the foundation of your new bath. Jan will help you select your tile if you need it! This completes day 1 of the project.
Day 2: Curbs to be built and mechanically fastened to the slab. With pressure-treated 2x4 structures, niches to be built, walls to be built, structure to be set, drain connections to be designed, and rough-in plumbing to be installed. Install liner, install Hardie Backer with Hardie Backer screws, pour sand topping concrete mix for mud pan. Apply Red Guard waterproofing sealant. Correctly slope for proper drainage. OR, set your new bathtub into the structure and connect the drain. If all goes well, we move to the next step to begin tiling by Day 3.
Day 3: Custom cut and install wall tile, install tile to top and around all sides of curb. Install tile in niches.
Day 4: If all goes well, install tile in mud pan. Design top of curb and knee/pony wall with granite.
Day 5: Finish any other tile installation as necessary. Install granite in niches, curb and knee/pony wall. Grout walls and install grout caulk in corners as final touches. Keep in mind, 24 hours is recommended for tile to dry before grouting. And, 24 hours is also recommended for grout to dry before use. Install escutcheons for shower, faucet system, and drain.
Day 6: Customer calls us and tells us how happy they are!

This is the overall process for a 3x5 foot typical custom shower installation, including a bathtub to shower conversion.
If any of the above steps are missed, the potential of your shower leaking in the future are great. Depending on the complexity of the bathroom and anything unforeseen, bathrooms usually take 7-10 days to complete. This example is noted as 5 days, if everything goes perfect. By the end of day 1, you need to lock down your tile design. Please note that we do not work on Sundays. We recommend that you add 20% more tile for waste and extra tile to keep on-hand for the future.

Chris Evers 214-789-5884
Jan Evers 469-412-4142
We service all of North West Dallas down to Fort Worth. We designed Cornerstone around Honesty and Integrity, providing Dallas with over 50 Years of quality workmanship. We have found that all of our clients appreciate the fact that when we go to Home Depot or Lowes we allow our customers to pay our cost with no markup! Charging a fair labor price and offering free estimates has proven to be a successful business approach!

Most repairs when done correctly surpass the original installation! With years of knowledge and wisdom behind us, we have no worries of comebacks feeling secure that when we leave you will have no leaks, runs, or errors!

Plumbing specialties include:

1.) Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet and Drain Systems

2.) Garbage Disposal replacement

3.) Hot and cold input control valve replacement

4.) Toilet repair and replacement

5. Water Leaks!

6.) New construction stub outs

7.) Kitchen and bath drain systems

8.) Shower valve and tub drain repair and replacement, MOEN specialist!

9.) Hot water Tank repair or replace.

10.) Free Estimates! don't hesitate to call!

11.) Outdoor Faucet repair and replacement.

Electrical Specialties include:

1.) Breaker box repair and diagnostic

2.) Shorts and defective breakers

3.) GFCI circuit diagnostic and repair

4.) New construction wiring

5.) Replacing GFCI indoor and outdoor receptacles and Diagnostic

6.) Ceiling Fan Replacement

7.) Lighting repair and new installation

8.) New 220 amp receptacles in garages or sheds

9.) If I missed anything feel free to call for a free estimate!

Give Cornerstone a chance to show you how to save money doing things the right way! Call today 214-789-5884

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