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Get Extra Cash for Diabetes Test Strips, Humulin, Dexcom G6/G7 Sensors, Transmitters, and other supplies (Call or text us about other diabetic supplies)

Turn your extra, unused diabetic supplies into 💰CASH TODAY💰

We buy ALL MAJOR BRANDS of your unused and unexpired supplies and pay you the absolute best cash value for your items.

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CALL OR TEXT (972-513-5327)

We Buy:
- OneTouch (Ultra Blue and Verio)
- Accu-Chek (Aviva Plus, Smartview, Compact Plus, Guide)
- FreeStyle (Lites, regular FreeStyle, InsuLinx)
- Bayer (Contour and Contour Next)
- Lancets (major brands)
- Libre sensors
- Dexcom G6, G7, sensors, transmitters, receivers)
- Omnipods (Pods, DASH, PDM)
- Medtronic (Reservoirs, Sure-T, QuickSets, Mio, Paradigm, Silhouette, Transmitters, Sensors, MiniMed)
- Humulin (70/30, R, N)
- Novolin (70/30, R, N)
- Ozempic
- MounJaro
- Trulicity
- Wegovy
* And much more!!!
- Inhalers (most brands) ON HOLD until further notice-

We handle everything, buy more items than any others do. We are YOUR FULL service - 1-STOP buyer!!!

Call, text, or message me for a CASH offer! 📱 (972-513-5327)

Expiration dates at least 10+months before expire

MINT boxes with NO DINGS, tears, stains, or Damage get best prices.

Insulin boxes must be MINT. No stains, tears, damage of any kind.

(Shorter dates and damaged boxes at reduced prices on test strips)

Don't be fooled by the "we pay the most" ads or any of these "new" buyers. Or I love this one..."We are #1 in ALL OF TEXAS". LOL Who says? By what metric? All sales gimmick talk to fool you.

You either have to go to them and once there they will low ball you on the box. OR if they do show up to you, it is some shady driver and you don't even know who you are dealing with. What looked like or sounded great will be a nightmare. I have had numerous clients tell me the horror stories of selling to other buyers. Don't fall victim. Call us today!

We will not be beat. Will match or beat any price and if we can't, we will tell you when you have a great offer.

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